A Note About Where I've Been

Hi there! It's been a while.

I'd say welcome back, but the reality is that I never really went anywhere.

Over the last few months, I've been doing what most of you have, I'm sure; adjusting, or trying to adjust, to the strange new reality that this pandemic has thrust us into, and focusing on the health and safety of my family. The novel coronavirus that has swept the globe has impacted virtually everyone, and even if you've been able to stay healthy, your life probably doesn't look like what it did before. Some people have lost their jobs, others have been forced to distance themselves from loved ones, and we've all had to figure out a new way of living from what we were used to just a few short months ago.

Let me say that I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones have kept well and safe through these difficult times, and that you are starting to face the brighter days ahead.

LIke many other makers, I share my time between my day job and my craft. As an essential worker, I was fortunate to be busy through the lockdown when many others weren't, and I am grateful for that. I never shut down my shop, and would answer emails or inquiries about orders, but for several reasons I chose to remain quiet these last few months and not promote my business. In part, I refrained from self-promotion because of my own shifting priorities, and wanting to remain focused on the health and safety of my family during a stressful period. I also recognized that there were a lot of disruptions to supply chains and delivery services, and I didn't want to promise something that I wasn't confident I could deliver as usual. And, I guess I just didn't feel entirely comfortable promoting items and crafts that are not essential, perhaps, when so many were struggling with other concerns. Not everyone would agree with my reasoning, and not everyone chose to do as I did, and that's okay. Everyone has their own row to hoe, and I don't believe my opinion is any more or less virtuous than others.

Even as restrictions are relaxed in some jurisdictions, we know we'll be dealing with this pandemic for some time to come, yet. Each day, we're helping each other to get closer to a time when we can say we're past this. You'll notice that I'm going to start posting more again, and there will be some changes in the shop in the coming days as I make room for new products and refresh things for the first time in a couple years. I will also be offering the choice to direct the donation that is normally made with the purchase of any wood ring to a COVID-related cause, if customers so choose. It's a small gesture, but I think all small gestures add up in the end.

Again, I didn't really go anywhere, but I'm also strangely happy to be "back." I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe, and I look forward to making something special for you soon.

 For information about my shop and COVID, please check out this page.

- Kris