About Saga Wood Rings


My name is Kris, and I founded Saga Wood Rings in 2018 with the single objective of offering affordable and eye-catching one-of-a-kind jewelry and functional art for people looking to celebrate their uniqueness, and as a purpose-made alternative to the everyday mass-produced. Saga Wood Rings is a fusion of my experience making detailed and intricate items, my love of alternative jewelry fashion, and my passion for materials with a soul and story, like wood, artistic resins and polished stone.

Rings are one of the oldest forms of adornment in history, dating back to the time of ancient Rome, and have been worn to celebrate an event or occasion, commemorate a memory, signify membership or identity, or grant the wearer a metaphysical benefit. Moreover, I believe every person has a story that is unique, and rings help express that story. Whether it's a favourite colour (or palette of colours!), a material that has a history with personal significance, or a combination of materials that tell the story of a cherished memory, every ring should be an expression as unique as the person they represent.

 One of a Kind. Unique. Just Like You.

When I make a ring, I make your ring. Every ring is handmade to order, by me, in my small shop in the historic village or Richmond, Ontario. My work is done using traditional wood turning and bent wood techniques, and is done in the absence of computerized equipment or CNC processes. Because no two pieces of wood or resin are the same, your ring will be completely one-of-a-kind, whether chosen from the various designs in my web store or ordered as a custom commission. There are always slight variations in colour, pattern and grain from the pictures you see posted here and on my social media channels, so it's always best to consider those pictures representative of the ring that you will get.

More than just Rings! 

Saga Wood Rings is about an aesthetic that expresses individuality and authenticity through soulful items. I also hand craft high quality pens and writing instruments from wood and artistic resins, as well as make items such as bead and aromatherapy bracelets, wood and acrylic pendants, tie clips, cuff links and earrings!


Why celebrate your special moments or individuality with a mass-manufactured ring? Your story is your own. I'd be honoured to help you express it.


Thank you for visiting!