Care and Handling

Your ring has been individually handcrafted specifically for you according to your specifications and design choices. The grain of the wood may look different in slight ways from images I have posted of our rings, and it is possible that there are small artifacts in the material itself. Always remember that no two pieces of wood are the same, and this ring has been made by hand without the use of computerized machines.


Wood is a very strong and durable material, made moreso with the proper treatments and finishes I use. However, no matter the finish or treatment, wood will never be as strong as metal, so a little more care of your ring is required in order for it to give you many years of happiness.



I seal all wood rings using a multi-step process in order to keep moisture from getting into the material, and in order to toughen and harden the ring. However, your ring is not waterproof. Always remember to take your ring off before immersing your hand in water or taking a shower. If you get water on your ring, always dry it off with a soft cloth as soon as you can.


Cleansers and Chemicals:

Always be careful to make sure your ring does not come into contact with cleaners, sunscreen, hair products, rubbing alcohol or other personal care products. Even products of these sorts labelled as natural or organic can damage the finish on your ring.


Hot and Cold:

Your ring can handle changes in temperature, but it’s always a good idea to avoid leaving your ring in a hot place like the dashboard of a car or an excessively cold place. Extremes of temperature, particularly for prolonged periods, can damage your ring.


Avoiding Scratches and Cracks:

It’s always best to remove your ring if you are going to be doing very physical work, or if there is the possibility that your ring might suffer sharp impacts with hard surfaces. This will help protect the finish and keep it looking its best.


How to Clean your Ring:

To keep your ring looking its best, use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe it clean periodically. If you would like to give it an extra shine, it can be polished with just a tiny dab of beeswax natural polish or a very small amount of mineral oil. Never submerge your ring in water or clean it with chemicals, alcohol or cleansers.