30 Caliber Bolt Action Handmade Acrylic Pen

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This is a fun and unique pen that is ideal for the soldier, marksman, or hunter in your life! The tail of the pen includes a realistic bolt action mechanism that locks and retracts the pen, a rifle pen clip and the tail end of a replica 30 caliber cartridge. The nib portion of the pen is designed to look like the business end of the cartridge! Available in different finishes and with different turned body options, the example displayed is gunmetal with a premium camouflage acrylic body.

** For different colour or material options than what are displayed, or for special instructions, please use the Additional Notes section in the cart and we would be happy to accommodate! If you have questions you'd like to ask before purchase, visit our Contact Form! **

This pen is handmade for you according to your specifications and ready to deliver in 1-2 weeks.